Divorce Planners - Four ex-professional athletes have their careers cut short in their respective sports.  Unusual circumstances occur causing separation from their significant others.  They start a company to help ease their pain along with others in the same situation.

STATUS: Script

8th Ward Posse - A group of teens from different walks of life find common interest in skateboarding.  Bonds are made, friendships are born, and adventure ensues.



My life with Shaun O'Donnell - Shaun sets out to prove that he can still do the adventurous things that he used to like skateboarding, snowboarding, and scuba diving along with some new challenges and experiences along the way.  He is also joined by special guests.

STATUS: Season 2 - Pre-production

It's the Law - The host and guests travel to different towns exposing unusual laws that are not known to most people.  They then test the law with unexpected results.

STATUS: Pre-production


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