Resilient Entertainment provides custom production services including but not limited to concept creation, copy writing, production in studio or on location, and post-production including motion graphics and animation.


Resilient Entertainment currently represents Comedian/Actor Tony "T-Robe" Roberson.  Resilient assists in booking shows as well as live performance filming and regional distribution.


Resilient assists in graphic design, printing, and packaging of the final DVD product along with posters and other promotional products as well as other distribution channels.



Notable Credits

MyLife w/Shaun O'Donnell - Season 1, Episode 3

MyLife Promo w/Comedian Gilbert Gottfried

Inside the Greenroom - Ep. 2 - Smash Bros.

T-Robe "Based on a True Story" - Live Comedy

Inside the Greenrooom - Ep.1- Reno Collier

MyLife w/Shaun O'Donnell - Season 1, Episode 2

MyLife Promo w/Comedian Chris Porter

MyLife Promo w/Comedian Craig Shoemaker

MyLife Promo w/Comedian Ralphie May

MyLife w/Shaun O'Donnell – Pilot

Greg Warren-Live clip for Jimmy Fallon Audition

Lee Terbosic - "52 Up Close" montage

Lee Terbosic - "52 Up Close"

Comedy Central's "Up Next"

Pittsburgh Lee Terbosic - "Steelers Card History"

Lee Terbosic - "52 Up Close"

Intro Doug Benson Pod Cast

Yves Jean - "Oceans Apart"

Bill Crawford - "Guy Fall" Live Comedy

Arnez J - Live Comedy Clips

Tammy Pescatelli - Live Comedy Clip

Jim Krenn "Alive"

"Sonny Days" – Casting, Production Management

T-Robe - "Strained Up" - Live Comedy

MTS Safety - ATI Harrassment

Scantron Robotics Promo

Jamie Kennedy - Live Comedy Show segments

Steve-O - Live Comedy skit segments

Greg Warren – Live Comedy Show segments

Playboy, Inc.”Warhol” Playboy Redux, Playboy TV

“Doll Party” – Doritos

Mark Eddie – “Marijuanaville”

Good Brother Earl – “Anna”

“October”  - Short  


20+ projects